[Metadatalibrarians] Discover best practices for sharing your institution’s scholarly communications on Wikidata, Wikimedia’s free and open linked data repository

Samantha Weald samantha at wikiedu.org
Fri May 22 10:09:47 PDT 2020

*Wikidata Summer Institute | Online, June 2020 | data.wikiedu.org

Join us starting June 1st for the Wikidata Summer Institute, an online
training meeting twice a week for 3 weeks that will help you achieve
long-term goals for your institution while working from home. Whether you
specialize in metadata, work as an academic librarian, or support scholarly
communications, Wikidata can help you achieve important goals for your
institution. With Wikidata you can…


   Learn about tools you can use to make it easier to find scholarly

   Get introduced to initiatives like WikiCite and tools like Scholia which
   aim to represent all scholarly articles on Wikidata

   Connect with other linked data enthusiasts to establish new standards
   and data models for scholarly communications

   Familiarize yourself with Wikidata’s Query service and its powerful
   visualization tools which can reveal new insights about your collection data

   Spend time familiarizing yourself with tools that will integrate your
   collection’s data to the rest of Wikidata, enhancing the impact of your
   institution’s data in the world

If you or your colleagues are interested in joining, registration for our
Summer Institute closes next Tuesday, May 26th. We have group discounts and
limited financial aid available for anyone without access to professional
development funds during this difficult time. I hope you'll join us and
consider sharing with your networks. Regiser by May 29th at data.wikiedu.org.



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