[Metadatalibrarians] Future of our listserv

clay at monarchos.com clay at monarchos.com
Fri Aug 5 11:17:43 PDT 2022

Hello metadatalibrarians listserv,

Hi, I'm Clay, I've been running the listserv for many years now (hosting 
and administration), and I'm curious if anyone out there would be 
interested in taking over.

For reasons unrelated to the listserv itself, I am aiming to leave the 
hosting platform I've been on since 2001 (Dreamhost), and looking for 
another solution altogether. I've had this in mind for years, and have 
slowly ported and migrated content away, but our listserv migration is 
what has kept me from leaving altogether.

The listserv runs on the open source GNU Mailman platform, which is 
offered by numerous hosted solution providers these days. And while I've 
looked into just opening up an account on one of those providers and 
migrating from Mailman to Mailman to keep our archives preserved, I keep 
thinking to myself, "maybe someone might be interested." I am no longer 
actively involved in the GLAM community, and probably am not 
contributing where others might be able to.

So if anyone might be interested in taking over ownership, including 
hosting and administration, I'd be more than happy to collaborate toward 
getting the list contents migrated (it will likely involve some 
assistance from Dreamhost), and also updating any current webpages, 
etc., for redirects.

Thanks for being a subscriber.



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