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Wikidata Summer Institute | June 2020 online | data.wikiedu.org

In their Civic Online Reasoning research over the past four years the
Stanford History Education Group (1) summarizes that "young people's
ability to reason about the information on the Internet can be summed up in
one word: bleak." Have you been looking for new tools to help change your
approach to teaching information literacy? Wikidata provides one
opportunity for educators to prepare students to enter an ever-changing
information landscape. We hope you'll join our next online training to
learn more about Wikidata's place in information literacy education.

“Wikidata is the linked data repository behind Wikipedia and it powers many
answers that smartphones could spit out. Being able to explain what that
meant helped equip my students with all sorts of skills to reflect on the
information landscapes that they consume without thinking” writes Rivka
Genesen recent Wikidata training participant and Assistant Director of
Library Services at The Ursuline School (2).

By having a better understanding of linked data, research librarians will
be better positioned to support questions from students and professors
alike. Wikidata's powerful query service can reveal insights that may be
harder to find or are not present on academic databases or Google search
results. Our Wikidata Summer Institute invites you to start these important
conversations with your students. Other course outcomes include drawing
more research insights from data, learning about tools to help navigate
Wikidata, and more.

“Just like school librarians strive to support teachers and students with
their expertise and research assistance, Wikidata supports Wikipedia (and
the internet at large) by structuring data to make it both human and
machine readable. This deeper understanding of how information is organized
and created will help librarians better support their communities as they
consume information.”

We hope you'll join us! Sign up at data.wikiedu.org.



1. https://sheg.stanford.edu/students-civic-online-reasoning


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