[Metadatalibrarians] Call for participation in Cultural Assessment working group, part of DLF Assessment Interest Group

Scates Kettler, Hannah R hannah-s-kettler at uiowa.edu
Tue Jan 22 09:30:42 PST 2019

This email is an invitation to participate in the DLF Assessment Interest Group's (DLF AIG) working group on Cultural Assessment<https://wiki.diglib.org/Assessment:Cultural_Assessment> (CAWG) in 2019. There is more information about the group below, but first, a few words about participating in DLF AIG.

The only requirement for participation in a DLF AIG working group is a willingness to dig in and devote a small part of your time contributing to the tools, methods, and body of knowledge on digital library assessment. Attendance at the DLF forum is not a requirement for participation in any of the working groups. Additionally, if your institution is not a DLF member, you can still participate.

CAWG in 2019

CAWG was established in 2016 to discuss ways by which we may assess our digital collections and their cultural impact.

*         Where lacking, CAWG will develop helpful and nuanced rubrics for institutional measurement and analysis of cultural biases and assumptions in the process of digital collection creation.

*         In 2018 CAWG successfully

o    Collaborated as a review board for the User Experience group bibliography project

o    Conducted an environmental scan of relevant "diversity" events across the nation in order to understand the landscape of cultural assessment work

o    Embarked on the Selection Workflow Framework draft #2 which refocused the Selection Workflow Framework into something more approachable to users

o    Established a new Inclusive Metadata Task Force to address metadata creation practices and explicit/implicit bias.

*         For more detail, check out our wiki page<https://wiki.diglib.org/Assessment:Cultural_Assessment>, and/or join our Slack channel<https://join.slack.com/t/dlfaig/shared_invite/enQtNDM2Nzk1MTAyODgxLTFlM2NkM2Y4YTcyOWQ2ZTU1MjkzNGVkZmRhNzliZjQyMTkyNmQ4MjM1N2YwZWY4Yjk3ZWU5NTQ1ZDAzNmE1MmQ>.

CAWG Goals for 2019

If you're interested in what the group will do next, there is an upcoming meeting which you are more than welcome to join (details below), where we will brainstorm and develop new goals for 2019! Here are some potential directions...

*         Conduct new survey on Selection practices

*         Identify relevant community groups for review of our work

*         Develop a running Speaker Series to engage those working to address bias in the digital realm

*         Collaborate with the Metadata Assessment group on a new project targeting inclusive and equitable metadata creation practices

*         And others. Add your thoughts at our next meeting!

How can you participate?

*         We are looking for diverse perspectives and welcome participation from anyone. We are in particular need of Public Libraries, HBCUs, Tribal Libraries, and Museum perspectives.

*         We are looking for people who are on the front lines of engaging community members, people involved in community archives, historical associations, etc

*         Each task force has various roles that are filled each year including a Team Lead, a Task Force Facilitator, Writers, and Reviewers

*         CAWG meets monthly and Task Forces typically meet every two weeks while there is active work going on. This is flexible and based on availability.

*         Time commitment : Less than an hour per week.

To sign up to CAWG, please contact Hannah Scates Kettler (hannah-s-kettler at uiowa.edu<mailto:hannah-s-kettler at uiowa.edu> or join the conversation via the CAWG Google Group<https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/dlf-cultural-assessment-working-group/join>.

Our first call of 2019 will be January 29th at noon Central Time. Details will be posted on the group Wiki and announced via the Google Group, but you can also find the details on the DLF Community Calendar<https://digital-conferences-calendar.info/>. You may also email Hannah if you have questions.

All are welcome! We look forward to working with you!

For questions about the larger DLF Assessment Interest Group, contact the DLF AIG co-leaders, Sara Rubinow sararubinow at nypl.org<mailto:sararubinow at nypl.org> and Santi Thompson sathompson3 at uh.edu.

Thank you for participating in the DLF AIG!

Hannah Scates Kettler (on behalf of all of us in the Cultural Assessment Working Group)

Hannah Scates Kettler
Digital Humanities Librarian
Digitial Scholarship & Publishing Studio | University of Iowa Libraries
hannah-s-kettler at uiowa.edu

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