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Steven J Miller mll at uwm.edu
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Linked Data for Beginners: 8-week online continuing education course
Dates: February 3 - March 27, 2020
Registration Closes: Monday, January 27, 2020, 6:00 PM CST
Registration Fee: $350 ($300 for students)
Instructor: Steven J. Miller

This eight-week online course provides a gentle but solid introduction to basic linked data concepts relevant to libraries, archives, museums, and anyone working with information and data organization. It also provides a foundation for understanding some of the changes from the old FRBR models to the new IFLA-LRM Library Reference Model, as well as some of the recent and upcoming changes to RDA and the RDA Toolkit for library catalogers.

Participants will be introduced to important linked data concepts and standards including the Resource Description Framework (RDF) data model, ontologies, RDFS, Web Ontology Language (OWL), SPARQL query language, Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) for expressing traditional controlled vocabularies as linked data, RDA and BIBFRAME for linked library bibliographic data, and Schema.org and RDFa Lite for marking up web pages for Google and other search engines.

The course includes introductory-level, hands-on learning exercises working with the standards above using a user-friendly software interface. The course does not go into techniques for implementing linked data in practice, but provides a good conceptual foundation for that. While some prior experience working with cataloging, metadata, databases, or the like is helpful, there are no technical knowledge requirements, and no prior familiarity with any of the concepts in the course are presumed.

For more information about the course, its intended audience, and registration, see: https://sites.uwm.edu/mll/linked-data-for-beginners/

Posted by Steven J. Miller
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