[Metadatalibrarians] 2018 John Merriman Joint NASIG/UKSG Award

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Win a fully funded trip to the USA or the UK!
Enter our joint NASIG/UKSG competition to attend the premier conference for the scholarly information community on the other side of the Atlantic – the NASIG Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA, 8-11 June 2018 and the UKSG Annual Conference in Glasgow, 9-11 April 2018.
NASIG and UKSG are offering two lucky members, one from NASIG and one from UKSG, the chance to attend each other's annual conference.  The award is intended to cover travel and accommodation costs and each award recipient will also receive paid conference registration (which includes most meals).  Named in honour of John Merriman, in recognition of his work in founding both UKSG and NASIG, it provides an invaluable opportunity for people to learn and share experiences.
The UK award winner will be supported by the generous sponsorship of Taylor & Francis Group for the US trip and will in addition receive full financial support from UKSG to attend the UKSG conference.
Last year’s UK winner said:
“I was delighted to win the John Merriman Award that enabled me to attend NASIG 2017 in Indianapolis.  The conference was very well organised with a good variety of sessions.  I was able to network with many library colleagues in America and found this very beneficial.  At the concurrent sessions I shared my knowledge and experience about approaches to open access promotion in my University with colleagues who are in the process of setting up their institutional repositories.  In return I gained knowledge about recent cataloguing developments and was introduced to the concept of open educational resources, something we do not currently focus on at my institution.  The social activities at the conference were excellent.  I enjoyed my evening at the Indy Car Factory where I got the chance to ride in an Indy Car.  I also attended a baseball match and enjoyed the atmosphere very much.” Eimear Evans, Institutional Repository Officer, McClay Library, Queen’s University Belfast
The award is open to members of NASIG and UKSG with one recipient being chosen from each organisation.  Applicants should be in a role within a Library or Information Service with responsibility for managing online resources or in direct contact with library users, supporting them in the use of online resources.  Current Board members and Officers of NASIG and UKSG are not eligible to apply.
All applicants must supply the following materials which should be submitted electronically as Microsoft Word documents:
 A [  completed application form ]( https://www.uksg.org/sites/uksg.org/files/AwardApplicationForm2018.doc ) from the applicant including a short written piece (250-400 words) on the topic of 'What is the biggest challenge facing you in your current job and how, in an ideal world, would you address it?'
 [  A reference questionnaire ]( https://www.uksg.org/sites/uksg.org/files/AwardReferenceQuestionnaire2018.doc ) from the applicant’s line manager.
Application forms and reference questionnaires are available through the NASIG AWARDS Page at [ http://www.nasig.org ]( http://www.nasig.org ) and the UKSG website at [  https://www.uksg.org/events/merrimanaward/howtoapply ]( https://www.uksg.org/events/merrimanaward/howtoapply ) 
For NASIG members (applying to attend the UKSG conference in Glasgow) application forms and reference questionnaires should be sent by Friday 26 January 2018 to:

 Del Williams
 Chair, NASIG Awards and Recognition Committee
 E-mail: [ del.williams at csun.edu ]( mailto:del.williams at csun.edu )
Tel.: [ +1 (818) 677 7176 ]( tel:%28818%29%20677-7176 )
For UKSG members (applying to attend the NASIG conference in Atlanta, GA) application forms and reference questionnaires should be sent by Friday 9 February 2018 to:

 Anna Grigson
 Chair, UKSG Education and Events Subcommittee
 E-mail: [ a.c.grigson at lse.ac.uk ]( mailto:a.c.grigson at lse.ac.uk ) 
Applications emailed after the respective closing dates will not be considered. Applications will be judged on evidence of awareness of issues in the wider scholarly communication world and a clear statement of aims and objectives for attending the conference.  English is the designated language.
NB: The successful UKSG recipient of the award agrees to work with UKSG to convert their entry into an editorial for UKSG eNews.  The successful NASIG recipient will be required to write an article about their conference experiences for the NASIG Newsletter.
UKSG, set up in 1978, has a mission to connect the information community and encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication.  Established in 1985, NASIG is an independent organisation that promotes communication, information and continuing education about serials and the broader issues of scholarly communication.
Anna Grigson
Chair, UKSG Education & Events Subcommittee
Anna Grigson
Head of Content & Discovery
LSE Library 
[ 10 Portugal Street ]( https://maps.google.com/?q=10+Portugal+Street%0D+London+WC2A+2HD&entry=gmail&source=g )
[ London WC2A 2HD ]( https://maps.google.com/?q=10+Portugal+Street%0D+London+WC2A+2HD&entry=gmail&source=g )
Email:  [  ]( mailto:a.c.grigson at lse.ac.uk )a.c.grigson at lse.ac.uk
NASIG is an independent organization working to advance and transform the management of information resources. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate and improve the distribution, acquisition, and long-term accessibility of information resources in all formats and business models. Visit [  http://www.nasig.org/ ]( http://www.nasig.org/ ) for more information.

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