[Metadatalibrarians] The Code4Lib Journal, Issue 41 is now available!

Eric Hanson ehanson8 at jhu.edu
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The Code4Lib Journal, Issue 41 is now available!


The Editorial Committee is pleased to announce that issue 41 is now available. We encourage you to explore this issue, engage in the comments, and reach out to the authors that contributed their work.

Editorial: Looking to the Past to Find the Future
Ron Peterson

Adaptation: the Continuing Evolution of the New York Public Library's Digital Design System
Jennifer L. Anderson & Edwin Guzman

Getting More out of MARC with Primo: Strategies for Display, Search and Faceting
Kelley McGrath and Lesley Lowery

Extending and Adapting Metadata Audit Tools for Mountain West Digital Library Members
Teresa K. Hebron

Copyright and access restrictions-providing access to the digital collections of Leiden University Libraries with conditional access rights
Saskia van Bergen and Lucas van Schaik

Using XML Schema with Embedded Schematron Rules for MODS Quality Control in a Digital Repository
Lisa Lorenzo

Are we still working on this? A meta-retrospective of a digital repository migration in the form of a classic Greek Tragedy (in extreme violation of Aristotelian Unity of Time)
Steve Van Tuyl, Josh Gum, Margaret Mellinger, Gregorio Luis Ramirez, Brandon Straley, Ryan Wick, Hui Zhang

Spinning Communication to Get People Excited About Technological Change
Suzanna Conrad

Machine Learning and the Library or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Robot Overlords
Harper, Charlie

Assessing the Potential Use of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) in Archival Still Images
Michael J. Bennett

The Tools We Don't Have: Future and Current Inventory Management in a Room Reservation System
Denis Galvin, Mang Sun, and Hanjun Lee

WMS, APIs and LibGuides: Building a Better Database A-Z List
Veronica Ramshaw, Véronique Lecat and Thomas Hodge

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