[Metadatalibrarians] DPLA Metadata Application Profile Update available for review

Gretchen Gueguen gretchen at dp.la
Thu Oct 12 13:16:23 PDT 2017


DPLA invites the metadata community to provide feedback on a draft 
update to its Metadata Application Profile. The draft revision will be 
open until November 3rd for comment.

These updates were implemented to address a few inconsistencies as well 
as make some changes that will facilitate the development of our new 
ingestion system and allow us to work with things like IIIF and fuller 
collection description.

After the review period the DPLA MAP update working group will review 
comments and make any changes deemed necessary. We will then release the 
new version of MAP along with an updated suite of documentation, 
guidelines, and a whitepaper about our working process.

The updated MAP spreadsheet is at: 

If you just want the highlights, a summary of changes, with links to 
notes from relevant discussions, is at: 

Members of the working group included:

  * Gretchen Gueguen, DPLA (chair)
  * Ivey Glendon, University of Virginia (co-chair)
  * Valentine Charles, Europeana
  * Robin Dean, Michigan State University
  * Greta Bahneman, University of Minnesota
  * Juliet Hardesty, Indiana University
  * Nicole Lawrence, University of Georgia
  * Kristen Merryman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  * Anna Neatrour, University of Utah
  * Hannah Stitzlein, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  * Scott Williams, DPLA

Gretchen Gueguen
Data Services Coordinator
Digital Public Library of America

Gretchen Gueguen
Data Services Coordinator
Digital Public Library of America

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