[Metadatalibrarians] ALA Annual 2015: Cataloging Norms Interest Group Program at the Moscone Convention Center 122(N), 10:30-11:30 AM, on Saturday, June 27.

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The Cataloging Norms Interest Group will meet in Moscone Convention Center 122(N), 10:30-11:30 AM, on Saturday, June 27. The meeting will include the following three presentations:
Describing Resources with BIBFRAME at the National Library of Medicine
Nancy J. Fallgren, Metadata Specialist Librarian, National Library of Medicine
NLM has been collaborating with George Washington University, University of California, Davis, and Zepheira to draft an experimental common, core BIBFRAME data model and vocabulary that would be useful for bibliographic cataloging and beyond. With the draft at a comfortable level of completeness, we are using that BIBFRAME model in further experiments to convert existing description from a variety of XML schema and to catalog new bibliographic materials using RDA rules. Our experiment with conversion of legacy description revolves around resources at NLM that are by or about Nobel Prize winning scientist Marshall W. Nirenberg. The new cataloging of bibliographic materials is focused on generating description for Works and Instances/Manifestations.
This presentation will discuss the status of NLM's practical experimentation using BIBFRAME for resource description, including some examples, and discussion of tools we are using and/or planning to use.
Skill Sets for Technical Services Staff
Roman S. Panchyshyn, Assistant Professor, Kent State University
As the nature of the work in technical services changes, technical services managers and library administrators need to evaluate and project what type of skill sets must be added or changed to meet the needs of future projects and workflows. My presentation will identify eight areas of competence, or skill sets, which will need to be present in technical services for the department to remain viable during the period of transition from current cataloging practices to a linked data environment. The presentation will be given from a management perspective, outlining the need for establishing a training timetable, prioritizing skill set training, and justifying the costs and resources necessary for training to library administration.
The presentation will be based on my book chapter, recently accepted for publication, in the monograph titled: Creating the 21st Century Academic Library: Volume 6: Rethinking Technical Services, edited by Bradford Lee Eden.
What Can We Do about Our Legacy?
Diane Hillmann, RDA Development Team
Underlying many of the recent conversations about new options for description is the fear that we could lose access to our legacy of MARC records, or compromise the transition from MARC to RDA sufficiently that we lose the value of those records. There are options for bringing that data with us as we move ahead, but there will need to be better understanding of what those options might be and how to make appropriate decisions for individual libraries or consortia for those conversations to proceed effectively.
Decisions will need to accommodate current discovery systems, continuing needs for ILS systems for acquisitions and circulation, and IT resources available to individualize options for particular libraries, etc. The notion of pursuing 'integration' of MARC and RDA records, using the RDA fields brought into MARC, is often brought up, prompted by the early decisions of the RDA effort to pursue a 'middle ground' option, but better understanding of what is really different about RDA has made that option less attractive.
The process of making decisions about those options requires that catalogers, systems librarians and administrators understand the implication of these decisions, rather than follow the herd towards a common decision-assuming that any common path could be defined and made credible.
Diane Hillmann, for many years a cataloger and tech services manager, and now a member of the RDA Development Team, will discuss the issues around these decisions, and suggest possible paths for librarians.

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