[Metadatalibrarians] GLAMs/LAMs with multiple metadata schema

Naomi Lloyd n.lloyd at vhec.org
Fri Dec 11 11:08:39 PST 2015

Hi all,
I am looking for examples of GLAMs/LAMs that have developed different 
metadata schema for each of their collections (gallery, library, 
archive, and/or museum) and which provide a single, federate search 
interface.  One example I have found is the Open Society Archives: 
http://catalog.osaarchivum.org/  Are there any others you can 
recommend? The digital collection need not be a GLAM or LAM in the 
strict sense of the word - any institution utilizing multiple metadata 
schema and providing federated searching would be useful.  The 
institutiion need not be digital-only.  Hybrid collections would be 
valuable too. 
I would be happy to compile a list for those who respond directly to me 
but am also happy to follow input on the list. 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 
Naomi  Lloyd

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